1. We aim to provide high-quality, client-centered services. Since no two individuals are alike, we take great care in assessment and treatment planning to ensure that your unique needs are properly met. You will be attended to only by our qualified therapists, not by aides or assistants.

2. We aim to provide a continuum of care for clients at any stage of their injury or recovery. We offer a dynamic range of therapy services (physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, personal training) and have the experience and training to address a wide scope of injury (from musculoskeletal injuries to women’s health issues). We will work closely with and provide effective communication to your other healthcare providers.

3. We aim to focus on prevention as well as treatment. A central part of our service is to educate clients on how to reduce the risk of injury down the road. We will instill confidence in our clients to manage their injury, return them to their optimal level of function and improve quality of life. 

Come see for yourself how we can make a difference when your health is hindered by pain and at a crossroads – contact our clinic today!