Located at West Broadway & Cambie in Vancouver

Whether you need physiotherapy (including dry needling/IMS and acupuncture), massage therapy,  or active exercise training, the dedicated team at Cross Roads is here for you. We work in partnership with clients every day to alleviate pain, restore function and teach clients how to help themselves.



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Here is a sampling of common problems we assess and treat at Cross Roads:

  • general muscle tension and stress
  • sciatica and low back pain
  • whiplash injuries following car accidents
  • running injuries including shin splints, ankle sprains
  • knee pain with stairs or squatting
  • rotator cuff strains and frozen shoulder
  • post-total joint replacement rehabilitation.

We also treat other conditions which few people know may be addressed by physiotherapy and/or massage therapy:

  • lymphedema following breast surgery
  • jaw pain and clicking (TMJ dysfunction)
  • vertigo and vestibular disorders
  • female urinary incontinence
  • pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain.