“I have neck and back pain following my car accident. What should I do?”
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Whiplash is the soft tissue injury that occurs when there is a rapid acceleration and deceleration of your head and upper body. It is most commonly associated with motor vehicle collisions, especially rear-end and side-impact collisions. Your head and torso are thrown with force in one direction, and then rebound violently in the opposite direction. The soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) of your neck and upper back are unable to compensate for the speed of thebody’s movements. The injury results in neck and back pain and stiffness.

The following is an excellent resource for our patients suffering from whiplash injury written by respected Physiotherapist and Professor Gwendolen Jull at the University of Queensland, Australia. The guide is based on research and published by the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) of Australia. It is made available here electronically for personal use only. We hope it will help our patients with whiplash injury understand the recovery process and learn practical tips on how to manage their symptoms at home and at work.

icon-pdf Whiplash Injury Recovery: A Self-Management Guide

A Guide For Managing Whiplash Injury